Converted Homes Made From The Most Unlikely Spaces

Converted Homes Made From The Most Unlikely Spaces

1 . RV Trailer

You cant tell just by looking at it, but this cozy cabin is really a modified RV trailer (or as we say in the South, a fifth wheel. Dont like the neighbors? Just batten down the hatches and move on down the road.

2 . Dumpster

From the outside it looks like the last place youd want to spend the night. But the inside, converted by artist Gregory Kloehn, sports all the comforts of home.

3 . Airplane

Rescued from a jungle junkyard, this 1965 Boeing aircraft is now a luxurious hotel full of hand carved Indonesian teak furniture and monkeys for neighbors.

4 . Ship

Built by the Ford Motor Company in the early 1920s, this massive transport ship was lugged up a steep riverbank to become a bed and breakfast, and later, a private home.

5 . Hovercraft

It took designer Dennis Schaller 20 years and a lot of scrap materials to construct this two story abode.

6 . Fishing Boats

The S.S. Encinitas and S.S Moon Light are stunning houseboat replicas built using materials from an old bathhouse.

7 . Grain Silo

These two corrugated metal grain silos in Utah have been converted into the ultimate bachelor pad overlooking the Provo River.

8 . Fire Tower

When Bick and Bonnie Smith purchased 10 acres in Montana, they decided to forgo new construction and converted the existing fire tower instead. The forest service still uses it as a lookout during fire season, and the Smiths allow community groups to hold meetings there.

9 . School Bus

Kelly and her partner Chris converted a 1991 Ford Thomas school bus into a big little house on wheels and now happily live wherever they want.

10 . Shipping Container

By now youve probably seen lots of converted shipping containers, but look at the green roof on this one