Retro Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune

1 . Game Boy Color

This handheld favorite has been selling for nearly two thousand dollars recently online.

2 . Mario Kart 64

You can expect to get nearly $1000 for this nintendo game if you find it in your closet somewhere!

3 . Power Rangers Action Figure

This bit of nostalgia actually went for $4000 on eBay not long ago.

4 . Skip it

At $120 it doesn t go for as much as the items we ve listed so far, but it s still a pretty solid appreciation of value.

5 . Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron

If you have the original Optimus Prime and/or Megratron action figures, you could be looking at earnings somewhere around $800 $900 bucks.

6 . Super Soaker

You remember having pool parties when you were a kid? Well the coolest squirt gun on the block now goes for nearly $600!

7 . Fisher Price Skates

Who didn t have a pair of these? As cheap as they look you could sell your old pair for up to $200 on eBay.

8 . Pokemon Cards

Some of these cards actually sell for thousands of dollars. And when we say thousands we re talking about nearly $6,000!

9 . Tamagotchi

Back when digital pets were all the rage, everybody had one. These days they ve been know to sell for up to $500.

10 . Sega Genesis

Although the system has long been eclipsed by far more advanced gaming consoles, you can still sell your beloved Genesis for a couple thousand dollars!


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