Romantic Valentines Day Cocktails

1 . Chocolate Brownie Pudding

This super chocolatey treat is sure to satisfy your sweetie sweetest tooth. Is it a brownie.Is it pudding, We are not sure. All we know is that it sinfully delicious.

2 . Pink Champagne Truffles

Toast to love and another year of happiness with these bite sized truffles that pair perfectly with a chute of champagne.

3 . Cupid Arrow Hot Chocolate

Kids and adults alike will love this fun twist on a classic winter treat. Dress up hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows and a paper straw arrow for the finishing touch.

4 . Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookie Truffles

You are probably familiar with classic chocolate truffles. But these beauties mix chocolate sandwich cookies, cream cheese and fresh strawberries for a treat that seriously irresistible. Plus, you can use a heart cookie cutter and hot pink sprinkles to make them even more delightful.

5 . Conversation Heart Cookies

This year, swap those traditional candy conversation hearts for something homemade and customized. Make vanilla sandwich cookies and use a custom stamp setting kit and food safe decorating pen to create personalized and scrumptious messages right on top.

6 . Heritage Red Velvet Cake

You do not need any special supplies to make this sweet, heart shaped cake. Just create a hand drawn template and cut out the heart with a knife. If you can resist eating the cake scraps, crumble them and coat the cake for a soft, crumb layering.

7 . Pie Crust Designs

Spell out love on your significant other favorite pie, then mail it, or hand deliver for a true reaction.

8 . Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes

Nothing goes together quite like chocolate and strawberries, but here a combination you probably have not seen. Chocolate shortcakes give this traditional dessert an unexpected twist.

9 . Perfect Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Bake the perfect batch of sugar cookies to decorate for Valentine Day.

10 . White Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Surprise your valentine with a special delivery in the form of white chocolate dipped fortune cookies packaged in a personalized Chinese takeout box.


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