Strange Smelling Fragrances You Wont Believe Exist

1 . Apple Inc

The famed computer maker has decided to create a perfume called Air Aroma, which smells like the plastic wrap covering the box, the printed ink on the cardboard, the paper and plastic components in the box, and, of course, the aluminum laptop.Geeks from all around the world will love it!

2 . Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Demeter Fragrance for women is made with egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and coconut. Although these can be used to bake a cake of the same name, they are also the perfumes main ingredients. Not sure ifit smells good, but we bet it tastes great!

3 . Bacon

If a burgers scent doesnt really satisfy you, there is always Fargginays Bacon, which brings to mind frying bacon. A good gift for people who love the taste and smell of bacon.

4 . Yourself

A unique perfume has recently been produced by an American company by using DNA technology in order to bottle individualized scents for their customers. Anyone can get their own scent turned into a cologne/perfume formulated according to their unique genetic code. Lets get a little narcissistic then!

5 . Holy Water

Yes, Demeter Fragrance has done it again; this time the perfume is called Holy Water and reminds us of churches and religious rituals.

6 . Blue Cheese

I am sure that everyone knows the peculiar scent of blue cheese. The real question however is, why would anyone want to wear this?

7 . Burger

Do you wish to be eaten alive? Then Flame by BK is your fragrance. Manufactured by Burger King this perfume smells like broiled meat and seduction.

8 . Cabin in the Forest

November in the Temperate Deciduous Forest is a fragrance byFor Strange Womenthat smells like a cabin in a forest, fallen leaves nestled into the earth, and tree resins after a cold rainy morning.

9 . Cannabis

This time Demeter strikes again with a unique perfume called Cannabis Flower?you can probably guess what this perfume smells like.

10 . Vulva

VULVA Original is a perfume that replicates the vaginal scent?enough said.


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