Amazing new Mehndi Designs

1 . Design 1

This pattern is best for those who are not in favor of intricate designs. Those who prefer simplicity in designs that are well spaced out will find this appealing to the eyes. This pattern is reasonably priced for those who have a constricted budget.

2 . Design 2

This pattern is a stylish floral one that spreads till the elbows. It would look better on slimmer girls and can be applied quickly. So those who are short of time and yet prefer Bombay style mehndi can opt for this design.

3 . Design 3

Another exquisite pattern which has a combination of paisleys and floral patterns, this Bombay style mehndi design is ethnic and favored by those girls who have a traditional outlook.

4 . Design 4

This Bombay style mehndi design is specially etched, keeping the Valentine?s Day theme in mind ? it is based on the peacock feather pattern which is a symbol of love. This is favored by a lot of young love birds who want to impress their beaus.

5 . Design 5

This is a bridal design that is intricately done in the Bombay style. It follows the zardosi style of jali work. It provides a very rich and ornamental look, adding to the beauty of the bride. Application of these designs requires a lot of patience both by the applicator and the person who is getting it done.

6 . Design 6

This is a theme-based pattern usually applied on religious festivals like Eid. It is subtle and light. The pattern is in a crescent shape that depicts the moon.

7 . Design 7

This floral pattern with ?bel boota? work is easy to apply and looks good on all occasions. It is simple but based on the Bombay style.

8 . Design 8

This pattern is strictly based on motifs and is influenced by the Arabic style of mehndi. It is highly in demand in countries like Pakistan as it is very ornamental. It looks good on all age groups.

9 . Design 9

This is another motif based pattern with a combination of jali work. It is contemporary and looks wonderful when applied on the occasion of weddings and other general functions.

10 . Design 10

This innovative pattern incorporates scallops and jali work that are based on the theme of the wedding. This pattern involves expertise, and designers who excel in this field can do justice to this pattern.


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