Aquarius Friendship Profile

Aquarius ( Jan 20 – Feb 18 ) Friendship Profile :

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of Friends, so it’s no wonder that they appear to be friends with absolutely everyone. You’ll only be deceived by this circumstantial evidence until you try to get close to the Water Bearer, however. Though they have many acquaintances, Aquarius rarely lets people get to know them on a deep level. They are somewhat aloof when it comes to their actual feelings. If you’re ever down, though, Aquarius will jump at the chance to buy you dinner — or buy you anything for that matter. They’re not trying to buy your friendship. Why should they? They are, however, very generous individuals and happy to help anyone in times of need. Don’t let this make you too clingy. If an Aquarian sees a possible loss of freedom, or if they feel cloistered, they’re bound to make a bolt for the door. The Water Bearer is an adventurer. Be sure to keep an open mind, and they’ll take you to some exciting new places. The perfect Aquarius companion is one with whom they can make an intellectual connection. If you give them their space while keeping conversation lively, they’ll be your friend forever.


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