Astrology Pisces

Astrology Pisces

Pisces ( Feb 19 – Mar 20 ) :

Here is the most modest and unassuming sign of the zodiac. Pisces people acquire knowledge, then fail to show it, often regarding it of little consequence and believing that other people who brag about their ability must actually know more than they do. Their governing planet, Jupiter, has much to do with this, for it endows these Pisces people with a nature so generous that it becomes overly trusting. Because of their unselfish dispositions, persons of this sign fail to realize their own possibilities. The greater their honesty, the more doubtful they become as to their own ability. This produces fear of the future, which in turn causes them immediate worry. Hence, Pisces people are perhaps the most cautious of all, where their own efforts are concerned. But, thanks to their jovial dispositions, people of this sign ride over deep troubles almost as trifles.

Symbol : Fish
Element : Water
Birth Stone : Aquamarine
Color : Turquoise
Power Stone : Amethyst
Metal : Platinum
Ruling Planet : Neptune
Flower : Lotus

Compatible : Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
Complex Feelings : Virgo, Pisces
Strange Attractors : Gemini, Sagittarius
Incompatible : Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius
Best Friend : Capricorn, Taurus