Astrology Scorpio

Astrology Scorpio

Scorpio ( Oct 23 – Nov 21 ) :

Here is the sign of bold enterprise, a fearless nature guided by selfcontrol and confidence but geared for action when the time demands. The governing planet, Mars, provides the power with which this sign is packed, denoting the will to surmount all obstacles. Scorpio people are quiet, even secretive in manner, yet highly observant. Once roused to action, they are determined, aggressive and dominant, always ready to champion a cause. When they work for the good of others, they rise to great heights and are much respected, but Scorpio people, always well satisfied with themselves, can become domineering and arrogant. When seeking reform, they show little mercy toward those who oppose them and it is not uncommon for Scorpio folks to stretch a point and justify their actions regardless of honest opposition. Scorpio people are blunt, argumentative and natural fighters but their coolness under fire deceives the opposition and adds to the Scorpio strength.

Symbol : Scorpion
Element : Water
Birth Stone : Topaz
Color : Blood Red
Power Stone : Hematite
Metal : Iron
Ruling Planet : Pluto
Flower : Honeysuckle

Compatible : Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Complex Feelings : Taurus, Scorpio
Strange Attractors : Leo, Aquarius
Incompatible : Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Best Friend : Virgo, Capricorn