Awesome Looking White Animals

1 . Koala

Koalas pelage mostly ranges from silver grey to chocolate brown but several albino koalas have also been documented. In 1997, an albino koala named Onya-Birri was born at the San Diego Zoo.

2 . Bat

Bats are usually grey to black but in 2012, an albino bat with red eye was spotted in Masbate, an island province of the Philippines.

3 . Catfish

Among aquarists, albino pet fish are very popular. Catfish is one of the species in which genetically created albinism is quite common.

4 . Mockingbird

Best known for their ability to mimic other birds

5 . Frog

Plentiful in ponds in rivers in sub-Saharan Africa, the African clawed frog is usually greenish-grey in color. However, even within this species, albinos have been recorded.

6 . Ferret

In ferrets, the domesticating process might have started as early as 2,500 years ago. These days, ferrets have been fully domesticated. Albino ferrets are very popular pets.

7 . Hedgehog

After domesticated hedgehogs became popular in the early 1980s, several new colors of these spiny mammals were created, including albino.

8 . Pug

Yes, even dogs can be albino. Normally, pugs are known for their typical black mask, which is obviously not the case for this adorable albino pug.

9 . Burmese python

One of the largest snakes in the world, the Burmese python is a dark-colored snake with many brown blotches bordered in black down the back. Unless it is an albino like this specimen kept in a Japanese zoo.

10 . Kookaburra

In birds, albinism is not as rare as in other animals but spotting an albino bird is still something special and unique. Normally, kookaburras (kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea) have colorful plumage


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