Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi Designs

1 . Paisley

The paisley is a very common design that is used in various shapes and sizes. You can put a series of small paisleys together to cover a large area. You can also use a large paisley and fill up the inside with other designs. Paisleys can be used on the fingers, the palm and even the rest of the arm. This versatile design can be used to make other designs as well. So, irrespective of which kind of pallet you go for, your mehndi design is sure to include paisley.

2 . Curved Lines

Since mehndi is malleable material, it can easily be used to make curved lines of various shapes and sizes. The curves can be used to make squiggles or elaborate designs. The curved lines can be used to cover large parts of your hand. But the lines are generally used to create larger and more elaborate designs.

3 . Dots

The most basic design, which I had created the first time I applied mehndi by myself, was made mostly of dots. Even if you are not using a mehndi cone, you can easily make dots. The dots can also be used to make larger designs.

4 . Checkers

There is something very aesthetic about checkers that draw my attention. By using the mehndi you can easily create checkered designs. You can also use this design to shade and detail a larger design.

5 . Flowers

Flowers are the sign of fertility and beauty. The design of flowers can also help you make your mehndi look beautiful. You can include a large number of flower designs of different shapes and sizes in your mehndi.

6 . Leaves

Leaves may look similar to paisleys. But they can be very different. One can use the designs of leaves to construct an elaborate design.

7 . Peacock

The peacock is a very common design used for the Punjabi wedding mehndi. The bride generally has flamboyant peacock mehndi tattooed on. The design involves a large number of basic designs, like the paisley, flowers, leaves, spots, checkers and curved lines. You can put a peacock on your palm or can make it more flamboyant.

8 . Loops and Spirals

Circular shapes can offer a new dimension to your mehndi design. You can use circles to create loops. You can even use spirals to create more designs.

9 . Colors

Punjabi mehndi is known for using a large number of colors. What can make mehndi look more alluring than colors?

10 . Bling

If you are planning to go big on your wedding mehndi, you can find ways of adding glimmer to your Punjabi bridal mehndi designs. Though the glitters will go away after a few washes, they are certainly worth it on your big day!


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