Cancer Negative Side

Cancer ( Jun 21 – Jul 22 ) Negative Side :

Sometimes the Cancerian finds it rather hard to face life. It becomes too much for him. He can be a little timid and tiring, when things don’t go too well. When unfortunate things happen, he is apt to just shrug and say, “”Whatever will be will be.”” He can be fatalistic to a fault. The uncultivated Cancerian is a bit lazy. He doesn’t have very much ambition. Anything that seems a bit difficult he’ll gladly leave to others. He may be lacking in initiative. Too sensitive, when he feels he’s been injured, he’ll crawl back into his shell and nurse his imaginary wounds. The Cancer woman often is given to crying when the smallest thing goes wrong.
Some Cancerians find it difficult to enjoy themselves in environments outside their homes. They make heavy demands on others, and need to be constantly reassured that they are loved.


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