Capricorn in Relationship

Capricorn ( Dec 22 – Jan19 )
Capricorn in Relationship :

Where the ‘us’ thing is concerned, Capricorn keeps the ground rules pretty simple: Those with money, power and the trappings of success should step up to the plate. A relationship with the Sea Goat does cut both ways, for those born under this sign will work hard at taking a union with the right person to newer and continually greater heights. If their lover can throw in a dash of excitement along the way, all the better, since the Sea Goat loves a splashy social occasion and the chance to flash some finery. A bit of solidity, along with excitement and passion, is just the right mix. In the ideal relationship, the Sea Goat is a wellspring of love; a lover who can give of themselves completely and protect the object of their affections. Capricorn’s ideal soul mate is at the top of their game and willing to take the Sea Goat along for this stylish ride.


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