Capricorn Positive Side

Capricorn ( Dec 22 – Jan19 ) Positive Side :

The person born under the sign of Capricorn is usually very stable and patient. He sticks to whatever task he has and sees them through. He can always be relied upon and he is not averse to work.
An honest person, the Capricornian is generally serious about whatever he does. He does not take his duties lightly. He is a practical person and believes in keeping his feet on the ground.
Quite often the person born under this sign is ambitious and knows how to get what he wants out of life. He forges ahead and never gives up his goal. When he is determined about something, he almost always wins. He is a good worker-a hard worker. Although things may not come easy to him, he will not complain but continue working until his chores are finished.
He is usually good at business matters and knows the value of money. He is not a spendthrift and knows how to put something away for a rainy day; he dislikes waste and unnecessary loss.
The Capricornian knows how to make use of his self-control. He can apply himself to almost anything once he puts his mind to it. His ability to concentrate sometimes astounds others. He is diligent and does well when involved in detail work.
The Capricorn man or woman is charitable, generally speaking, and will do what is possible to help others less fortunate. As friend, he is loyal and trustworthy. He never shirks his duties or responsibilities. He is self-reliant and never expects too much of the other fellow. He does what he can on his own. If someone does him a good turn, then he will do his best to return the favor.


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