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Ebooks Cutest Animal Facts

Cutest Animal Facts

1 . Squirrels are unbelievably charitable First, they are great environmentalists simply by forgetting where they put their acorns, they plant thousands of trees every year. 2 . Secondly they have parental instincts They adopt abandoned babies whose parents either died or werent being able to take care of them. 3 . Cows love music …

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Ebooks Most Popular Scams

Most Popular Scams

1. Resume Sites : For most of us our time is just as valuable as our money, so when you go onto jobs search sites that try to upsell you with their premium search options rather than just connecting you with the employers it can be a real drag. Moreover, paying for any of these …

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Ebooks Precautions while using WhatsApp

Precautions while using WhatsApp

1 . What is WhatsApp WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones that operates under a subscription business model. The proprietary, cross platform app uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages. WhatsApp has more users in India than any other country in the world. 2 . …

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Ebooks Weird Bollywood Movie Names

Weird Bollywood Movie Names

1 . Ghanchakkar The latest addition to the team weird, Ghanchakkar stars Vidya Balan and Emran Hashmi. A comic caper tells the story of a thief who executes a master robbery successfully and forgets where hes hidden the booty. Ghanchakkar literally means crazy. A rather quirky title to an even quirky plot, the film sure …

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Ebooks Easy ways to Make Money Quickly

Easy ways to Make Money Quickly

1 . No risk matched betting Hands down the quickest way to make a lot of money (well, without breaking the law). Lots of students have genuinely made 2 . Online surveys An increasingly popular way for students to make money is to fill out online surveys in their spare time. Research companies are always …

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Ebooks Greatest Fashion Models

Greatest Fashion Models

1 . Milla Jovovich Milla Jovovich was born in 1975 in Kiev, then the Soviet Union, and managed to conquer the Western fashion world with more than one hundred major magazine covers under her belt. In 2002 she gained the respect of every video gamer and sci fi geek when she conquered box offices worldwide …

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Ebooks Tips to succeed in Presentation

Tips to succeed in Presentation

1 . Build a story Presentations are boring when they present scads of information without any context or meaning. Instead, tell a story, with the audience as the main characters and, specifically, the heroes . 2 . Keep it relevant Audiences only pay attention to stories and ideas that are immediately relevant. Consider what decision …

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Ebooks Grandparents Day Celebration

Grandparents Day Celebration

1 . National Grandparents Day National Grandparents Day is a secular holiday celebrated in the United States since 1978 and officially recognized in a number of countries on various days of the year, either as one holiday or sometimes as a separate Grandmothers Day and Grandfathers Day (for the first time Grandma Day was celebrated …

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Ebooks Myth about Adoption

Myth about Adoption

1 . If I adopt internationally All children are curious about where they came from For those who do not have facts, you will explore possible scenarios with your child You will also discuss why adoptions from that country occurred at that time As for the fears of contact with birth families, the reality is …

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Ebooks Greatest Cricketers of All Time

Greatest Cricketers of All Time

1 . Sachin Tendulkar In 2002, Wisden Cricketers Almanack ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Don Bradman, and the second greatest one day international ODI batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards. Tendulkar was a part of the 2011 Cricket World Cup winning Indian team in the later part of …

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Ebooks Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

1 . Biography Full NameMahendra Singh DhoniBorn07071981Batting styleRight hand batsmanBowling styleRightarm medium pacePlace of birthRanchi, Bihar (now Jharkhand), IndiaMahendra Singh Dhoni is a professional Indian cricketer who represents the country in tests, One Day Internationals as well as Twenty 20 Internationals and is also the captain of the national side. Dhoni earned himself a place …

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Ebooks Save Electricity Tips

Save Electricity Tips

1 . Unplug appliances when they arent in use Did you know that appliances that are plugged in keep using energy, even when theyre switched off Even an appliance as small as a coffee pot continues slowly sapping energy every moment it stays plugged in, long after the last cup of coffee has been consumed. …

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Ebooks Stress Management Tips

Stress Management Tips

1 . Stress management Stress is a fact of life, but being stressed out is not. We dont always have control over what happens to us, says Allen Elkin, Ph.D., director of the Stress Management Counseling Center in New York City, and yet, that doesnt mean we have to react to a difficult, challenging situation …

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Ebooks Durga Puja Celebration Tips

Durga Puja Celebration Tips

1 . Durga Puja Durga Puja is a festival dedicated to the worship of the most revered Hindu goddess Durga. MaaDurga or Shakti is worshipped rigorously over the last five days of Navratri, in the Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar. The deity is depicted as a warrior goddess with fierce look, ten arms, and …

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Ebooks RavindraNath Tagore Biogrphy

RavindraNath Tagore Biogrphy

1 . Biography Rabindranath Tagore sobriquet Gurudev, was a Bengali polymath who reshaped his regions literature and music. Author of Gitanjali and its profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, he became the first non European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. In translation his poetry was viewed as spiritual and mercurial, his …

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Ebooks Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja

1 . Vishvakarman Viswakarma (Sanskrit vishwakarma all accomplishing, maker of all, all doer Tamil Vicuvakaruman Thai Witsawakam Telugu Kannada) is the personified Omnipotence and the abstract form of the creator God according to the Rigveda. He is the presiding deity of all craftsmen and architects. He is believed to be the Principal Architect of the …

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Ebooks Indira Gandhi Biography

Indira Gandhi Biography

1 . Biography Indira Gandhi (1917 1984) was the only child of Kamla and Jawaharlal Nehru. She spent part of her childhood in Allahabad, where the Nehrus had their family residence, and part in Switzerland, where her mother Kamla convalesced from her periodic illnesses. She received her college education at Somerville College, Oxford. A famous …

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Ebooks Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei

1 . Synopsis Born on February 15, 1564, in Pisa, Italy, Galileo Galilei was a mathematics professor who made pioneering observations of nature with longlasting implications for the study of physics. He also constructed a telescope and supported the Copernican theory, which supports a suncentered solar system. Galileo was accused twice of heresy by the …

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Ebooks New Year Wishes

New Year Wishes

1 . Wishes to Mother Mothers are certainly the most important person of a persons life. Imagining the life without our mother is really terrible thought.Moms are the one who makes our daily life much more enjoyable.Caring of mother cant never be forgotten in the entire life.So its one in the year opportunity to wish …

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Ebooks Top Cricket Stadiums in the world

Top Cricket Stadiums in the world

1 . The Lords The Lords, Cricket Ground situated in London. The Lords is also called the Home of Cricket. It has remained the centre of ICC committee for a long period of time. The founder of this stadium was Thomas Lord who formed it in 1814, due to which the name of this stadium …

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