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Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Benefits of Tomatoes

1 . Tomatoes Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), the Love Apple is a popular vegetable with high anti oxidant. They are sweet and juicy and healthy. Tomatoes are very versatile as they can be eaten as a salad, in a sandwich or as gravy for vegetables not to forget the all important sauce. 2 . Description The …

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Health Benefits of Pomelos

Benefits of Pomelos

1 . Pomelo The pomelo fruit is definitely the biggest of all citrus fruits. Its external skin is tough and simple to peel off. It really is mild green to yellow as well as marked along with oil glands. The fruit is possibly spherical or even oblong having white colored thicker spongy pith which encloses …

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Health Eating Secrets to Help You Lose Weight

Eating Secrets to Help You Lose Weight

1 . Out of Sight Out of Mind Don t hide the fruit and vegetables in the bottom crisper drawers of your refrigerator. You may forget about them when it s time for a snack. Always keep fresh fruit visible and at the ready in a fruit bowl on the kitchen table, on top of …

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Health Benefits of Guava

Benefits of Guava

1 . What is Guava Guava is a tropical edible fruit, native to central America, it is known to some as the sand plum. The fruit grows on the guava tree, which reaches 8 meters,is oval,and round. The diameter of the fruit species varies between 3 to 12 cm, even its color varies from dark …

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Health Benefits of Jalapeno

Benefits of Jalapeno

1 . Jalapeno The jalapeno pepper packs a nutritional punch, with notable amounts of two important vitamins. Jalapenos are just one variety of chili pepper, a nightshade vegetable well known for a hot and pungent flavor. These little peppers derive their heat from a natural plant compound called capsaicin, which offers powerful health benefits. 2 …

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Health Benefits of Beans

Benefits of Beans

1 . What are Haricot Beans Haricot beans are cream or whitish colored beans, used as staple ingredients in preparing homemade baked beans. Also known by different names, they are small sized and oval to flattened shaped beans sold in grocery centers. As with other types of beans, dried haricot beans require soaking for at …

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Health What to Eat in Meghalaya

What to Eat in Meghalaya

1 . Sabudana Khichdi Sabudana is a local food base prepared from the latex of of the Sago Palm (Pearls of sago palm). The name given to it by the English is Sago which is tapioca starch or cassava starch white granules. Sabudana is white in color and granular in texture. The grains are globular …

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Health Benefits of Green chillis

Benefits of Green chillis

1 . Green chillis Green chilis are immature chili peppers, most often Pasilla, Anaheim or Poblano peppers that have been harvested before fully ripening. Not as spicy as red chili peppers, they are available raw, canned or pickled and are a common addition to traditional H. 2 . History Chili peppers have been a part …

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Health Benefits of Brussel

Benefits of Brussel

1 . Brussel Brussel sprouts are small, leafy green buds resembling like miniature cabbages in appearance. The buds nonetheless are exceptionally rich sources of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In fact, a renewed interest is growing about health benefits of these sprouts have to offer. Botanically, the sprouts belong to the same Brassica …

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Health Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

1 . The Specificity Rule The most effective training mimics the event for which youre training. This is the cardinal rule of training for any activity. If you want to run a 10 K at seven minute per mile pace, you need to do some running at that pace. Runners are best served by running …

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Health Benefits of Cumin

Benefits of Cumin

1 . Cumin Cumin or jeera is a common ingredient in Indian kitchens. Apart from adding flavor to a dish, it has got health benefits too. Cumin (also known as Jeera) has a richness of history to give it a special place in the world of spices. Ancient Egyptians used it for the mummification process. …

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Health Interesting facts about Psychology

Interesting facts about Psychology

1.    80% of women use silence to express pain. You know she’s truly hurt when she chooses to ignore you. 2.    Psychology says, friendship is not about who you spend the most time with, it’s about who you have the best time with. 3.    Psychology says, ironically, the more you hide your feelings, the more …

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Health Benefits of Oregano

Benefits of Oregano

1 . The health benefits of oregano Oregano is an important culinary and medicinal herb that has been used in medicine and cooking for thousands of years with a number of potential health benefits. It is a species of Origanum, belonging to the mint family 2 . Antibacterial properties Oregano oil is a powerful antimicrobial, …

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Health Myth about Anger

Myth about Anger

1 . Anger is inherited The way we express anger is inherited and cannot be changed. Sometimes, we may hear someone say, I inherited my anger from my father; that s just the way I am. This statement implies that the expression of anger is a fixed and unalterable set of behaviours. Evidence from research …

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Health Precautions while using Bleaching

Precautions while using Bleaching

1 . What is Bleach Bleach simply refers to a product that lightens the color of things through the action of oxidation. However, most people when they refer to cleaning with bleach are thinking of household strength chlorine bleach, a solution of sodium hypochlorite manufactured from chlorine. 2 . How is bleach used In a …

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Health Tips To Lose Weight

Tips To Lose Weight

1 . Write down what you eat for one week and you will lose weight Studies found that people who keep food diaries wind up eating about 15 percent less food than those who dont. Watch out for weekends: A University of North Carolina study found people tend to consume an extra 115 calories per …

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Health Benefits of Zucchinis

Benefits of Zucchinis

1 . Zucchinis This member of the gourd family is cylindrical in shape and brilliant dark green in color, with a watery flesh and mild flavor. Though zucchini can grow to almost monstrous proportions, the smaller vegetables are the most flavorful. Zucchini helps to cure asthma as it contains Vitamin C, which is a powerful …

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Health Healthy Elbow Tips

Healthy Elbow Tips

1 . Elbows Off the Table The first step to shedding the calluses and buildup coating your elbows is to become conscious of the bad habit that causes it. Think about it the skin over your elbows is responsible for protecting the joints, muscles and bones that allow your arm to move and flex. Over …

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Health Healthy Lips

Healthy Lips

1 . Expert Tips When navigating the cosmetics aisle, its hard enough finding the perfect shade of pink for your pretty pout. It gets harder still when you want to find a safe, nontoxic version that wont expose you to any potential health risks. While we encourage nontoxic versions of all cosmetics, its especially important …

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Health What to Eat in Tripura

What to Eat in Tripura

1 . Chakhwi Peel off the bamboo shoots, cut the tender part of shoots into small piece of 12 cm. each. Take the skin of he green papaya, cut into small piece of 34 cm. Peel of the skin of the jack fruit seeds, soak it in water for 15 minutes, remove the red covering …

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