Classic Ideas For Styling Long Hair

1 . Waves with Curls and Bangs

Waves look amazing on long hair. So, take a short break from your straight tresses and wave it up. For it, consider these golden blonde waves with dark brown lowlights, delicate bangs and spiral ends.

2 . Fringed Side Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid is loved by every single woman and having long hair can be a good reason to try it. But go for a side and messy one with razored side sweeps in order to express your maximum styling sense.

3 . Shiny Beachy Waves

Amp up your glam quotient hundred times by wearing these beachy waves on your super shiny locks! A smooth curve hiding one eye partially and a little puff at the crown will make the look super

4 . Bridal Curls with Side Sweep

Even though it is a bridal hairstyle, you can try it for any event. These intense curls with volume at the crown, twists on both sides and simple side sweep give a subtly mysterious look.

5 . Simple Four Strand Braid

Let us stick to something simple yet unique. Yes, it is a four strand braid with excellent thickness and subtle highlights. A few loose strands swinging over the face and a twisted end will be perfect add ons.

6 . Red Hot Waves with Random Curls

This smoking hot hairstyle is not at all easy to sport. But if you have guts, give this fiery red hair a try. Undefined part and random curls are the specialties of these wavy tresses.

7 . Layered Straight Hair

Long straight locks are always preferred by chic and trendy women. In this particular hairstyle, the off center part has accentuated the highlighted layers even more.

8 . Hair Wrapped High Braid

Give your hair a sleek look by using mousse generously. Now, make a high braid and wrap its base with a thin section of hair. Also, leave the end of the braid long enough to add an edgy flair.

9 . Braid with Braided High Bun

Make braid your ultimate choice for styling by sporting this exclusive hairdo. Create a tight high braid and fold it around its base a few times to get a braided bun. Now, keep the rest of the braid loose.

10 . Cool and Funky Waves

Braid up a thin section of hair by creating two parts on the top. Add volume to the larger section and give the rest of the loose hair a wavy finish. Also, choose a metal head chain to jazz up the look.


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