Crazy Bike Designs

Crazy Bike Designs

1 . Benjamin Bowden Bicycle

It was designed by the late British designer, Benjamin Bowden. You didnt see that coming did you?

2 . Amphibious Bike

Why on earth did this never catch on!?

3 . Bike with a windshield

Not only does it have a windshield, you get to lay down!

4 . The lots of people bike

Keeping your balance on this thing might be a problem

5 . The bike shaped bike rack

Ok, so its not a bike, but its still pretty cool!

6 . The everyone faces each other bike

Its like the other multi person bike except now everyone is in a big circle. Hopefully you dont get motion sick easily!

7 . The super old bike

Its so old that its made out of wood. Were not really sure what they used for a chain though.

8 . The rowing bike

Row, row, row your bike, gently down the road!

9 . The strangely positioned chain bike

It also seems to have pretty good carrying capacity.

10 . The square wheel bike

It might not be super useful for getting anywhere