Cutest and Pretty Dogs

1 . Curious Cookiesandcreamador

This extremely intelligent dog will pick up on every word you say. Youll need to find new words forwalk,treat, andball!

2 . Bat Earred Doxieman

If you take this pup out in public, high-pitched squeals will occur at a rate of 64.8 per hour.

3 . Sunkissed Floppy Doo Terrier

Adopt this perpetually cheerful breed of pooch only if you can tolerate happiness in its purest form.

4 . Black Lickador

Members of this breed will not stop until they have adequately licked everyone in their new family.

5 . The Bald Bassenauhua

This dog has internal radar for cold laps. Trust usits science.

6 . Nimbus McFluffer

Adopt this special mutt breed only if youd like to cuddle with a warm fluffy cloud of affection.

7 . Bearded Beauty

This medium-sized dog is known for striking catwalk-worthy poses at all times. Warning: You may become intoxicated by this breeds beauty.

8 . Bear Faced Bigalee Boo

This mixed breed has so many adorable traits that not everyone will be able to handle the super-sized charm.

9 . Munchador Terrier

Adopt this breed only if your living situation allows for the inevitable high-pitched squeals of delight that will occur each time a visitor sees that impossibly cute underbite.

10 . Earnest Ear Wonderdog

Once this sweet mutt enters his or her forever home, all family members will become expert cuddlers within 48 hours.


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