Dangerous Situations And How To Escape

1 . Blowout

Try not to steer to much. You want to ease the car onto the shoulder as carefully as possible. This is why its best to drive with two hands on the wheel and stay alert. The worst thing that can happen is to be taken by surprise and then jerk the wheel.

2 . Avalanche

Do not try to outrun it. The avalanche is faster than you by a long shot, even on your skis. You stand a much better chance if you try to move horizontally away from it. If this is not possible then close your mouth and put your hand and arms in front of your face to create an air pocket. Youll need it when it when the snow falls. Also, make sure you dont scream because it will waste your oxygen. Lastly, try urinating, seriously. It will make it easier for search dogs to find you.

3 . Stampeding crowd

Stay on your feet. Period. This is the key to survival. As soon as you get knocked down your chances decrease significantly. If this is the case, however, and you cant get up immediately, assume a protective posture with your feet tucked up and your hands covering your head. Try to position your face in the direction the crowd is moving so you dont get kicked and try to get back on your feet ASAP.

4 . Dog Attack

Go for the nose. If you cant get to the nose then kick and kick hard. The dog is almost certainly faster than you so your best bet is to fight it out.

5 . Riptide

Whatever you do, dont struggle against it. As you can seen in the diagram most riptides lose strength eventually. As soon as you get to that point swim parallel to shore until you get away from the riptide zone (most often its only a few feet wide anyway).

6 . Nuclear Explosion

Another one of the those oh well it was a good life situations, this one is actually survivable assuming you are out of the blast radius. Of course it goes without saying, but if you have warning, take cover, preferably underground. If you are in an exposed area, hit the ground and cover your head as soon as you see the blast (dont run..) as it could take up to 30 seconds for the shockwave to reach you. Speaking of the flash, dont look at it. It will blind you guaranteed. Once the initial blast has occurred, flee at your own risk. Remember, there will be gridlock and depending on the direction of the wind that radiation is coming for you. If you have a good hiding spot (underground) your best bet could be to wait for a rescue.

7 . Fell into an ice hole

Because there will probably be little for you to grab onto you will have to use your forearms to pull yourself up. If you make it out dont stand up. Crawl to a sturdy area or back to shore.

8 . Hostage situation

If you plan on escaping, do it quickly. Your first couple minutes are critical. There may still be people around, but be smart. If there is no chance, you could make your situation worse so it may be a good idea to stay compliant. Observe everything and try to figure out why your were abducted. This will likely help you to determine what your captors plan to do with you. Although most hostages survive, it can take years for rescue to occur. No matter what, dont lose hope and stay mentally active. Try to constantly reassess the risks/benefits of attempting an escape.

9 . Lightning storm

Try to find a low lying spot and squat down. You want to be as low as possible to ground with as little of your body touching as you can get away with. Now cover your ears. If you are really in the middle of a lightning storm, the thunder can rupture your eardrums.

10 . Lost in woods

Remember Hansel and Gretel? You want to leave breadcrumbs. Break off branches and leave them on the ground so you can retrace your steps. Get to high ground first to see if you can orient yourself. Next, move downhill until you find a river or other moving body of water. Follow it downstream, they will usually lead you to a town or village. If you cant find one then keep walking straight and use the sun to orient yourself.


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