Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies

1 . Nicolas Cage

Usually you d say, Oh it s just unfortunate that he s blinking, it s just bad timing for the photo to be taken , but the messy hair, dishevelled shirt and weary smile implies that Nic is tired. Way too tired to be posing with fans on airplanes. Leave him alone so he can get some sleep Maybe hes Leaving Las Vegas.

2 . Amanda Bynes

I was under the impression that Amanda Bynes was better than all the young female celebrities who turn to drugs to deal with the pressure of being a Hollywood style, like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. But if this photo is anything to go by, maybe she s not doing too well these days.

3 . Kim Kardashian

Whoa Kim, what the hell happened? You look more like a lobster than a woman is so often ranked as one of the hottest women alive You look like a raccoon with that nasty sunglasses tan across your face as well. I m guessing this selfie wasn t taken the same day as your Paper Magazine photo shoot.

4 . Brooklyn Decker

Damn Brooke, this isn t the prettiest selfie I ve ever seen We know you were just joking around but why did you upload this and allow the Internet to take over? Now it s out there forever. We prefer normal Brooklyn Decker selfies they re a lot sexier than this one.

5 . Madonna

Since when does Madonna have grillz? It s common knowledge that she does anything and everything to keep up with the local trends in pop culture, but a grill? I ll let you make up your mind on whether she can pull them off or not.

6 . Geraldo Rivera

Apparently Geraldo Rivera looks a little different at home when he s not on TV spinning news and hosting his own show. At home, he looks a little more like Danny Trejo, the Mexican dude who plays Machete and Bad Ass .

7 . Tyra Banks

Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to think that Tyra Banks might actually be an alien infiltrating Hollywood? You know how they used Michael Jackson as an alien in disguise in the Men In Black films? They should have used Tyra Banks.

8 . Jessica Simpson

Jeez, Jessica Simpson, what happened that put you in hospital with this all over your face. Jessica has always been open about the fact that she s never had plastic surgery so obviously this isn t Botox injections she must have been an accident Whatever the reason, she looks like a mummy now.

9 . Chris Brown

When he s not busy making horrible music or beating the living crap out of women, Chris Brown likes to chill out with three joints and take selfies

10 . Ricky Gervais and Conan O Brien

Ricky Gervais actually has a trend going on his Instagram account of taking these kinds of hilairous (albeit horrific) selfies every time he takes a bath, which evidently is a lot You know what that means Conan O Brien and Ricky Gervais must have taken a bath together and posted the evidence online.


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