Facts About Bees You Probably Didnt Know

Facts About Bees You Probably Didnt Know

1 . Bumble Bees perform small warmup exercises before taking flight

Who knows maybe they have their own weight loss program as well?

2 . You can send live bees to people using the United States Postal Service

A box of bees what a lame Xmas present!

3 . Harvard University is currently trying to create robotic honey bees since the honey bee population is declining

RoboBees will have the size of real flying bees they will be pollinating flowers and making honey

4 . Facts About Bees You Probably Didnt Know

We prefer to avoid contact with these insects and some people cant even control themselves when see them and try to shoo them away or flick them off while the best they can do is to get frozen for awhile At the same time bees are rather interesting and smart insects youd probably be amazed to know the following facts

5 . Honeybees can recognize individual human faces

It will be glad to see you again if you tried to kill it once

6 . Beekeepers in France discovered blue and green honey

the result of bees foraging in the waste created in the production of M&MsThey could not pass the uncovered containers with sugary waste of M&Ms the result surprised everyone

7 . Bees dont generally die when they sting

They die when stinging a human because of our thick skin but can sting other insects just fine

Their selfdefence is quite ironic: they sting people for protection of their life but after all they lose it anyway

8 . Queen bees can control the sex of their offspring

Bees are just like the royalty in the world of insects that have their own privileges

9 . Bees can be trained to detect bombs

If they detect molecular hints of the pollen they can easily detect traces of substances used to bombs

10 . During the 1400s

Africans trained killer bees to protect their villages and keep the slave traders away

Quite an effective way to stay safe and protect natives