Fashion Trends That Didnt Survive the 90s

1 . Scrunchies

Whether neon colored, fluffy, or sparkly, scrunchies served many girls style and function needs. They could be worn in the hair or around the wrist for fashionable flair.

2 . Rice Necklaces

Nothing was more romantic back in the day than a declaration of love written on a tiny grain of rice. It was enough to make even the most cynical girl swoon.

3 . Turtlenecks

Although the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles probably appreciated this trend, turtlenecks are best left for cold weather nowadays.

4 . Reebok Pumps

These expensive sneakers became a status symbol on urban basketball courts and in school hallways. And as the first shoes with an internal inflation mechanism, they always provided a comfy fit.

5 . Pagers on Pants

Unless you re in the medical profession, you d better leave your pager at home these days if you don t want to commit a fashion faux pas That is, if you even own a pager.

6 . Bowl cuts

Every 90s heartthrob had one thing in common a super flattering bowl cut. From music megastars Nick and Aaron Carter to onscreen idol Jonathan Taylor Thomas, hot guys everywhere sported this ghastly haircut inspired by a common kitchen item.

7 . Overalls

Old McDonald had a farm, but what was N Sync s excuse? Overalls were cool, but wearing them with only one strap buckled was the bomb.

8 . Blossom Hats

Nothing attracts attention like a bucket hat with a giant flower attached to it. Thanks to quirky 90s TV character Blossom Russo, girls started wearing these outrageous headpieces with pride.

9 . Schoolgirl Skirts

Britney Spears made uniforms sexy when she burst onto the scene in her Baby One More Time music video, much to the delight of Catholic schoolgirls everywhere.

10 . Lisa Frank Pencils

Unicorns and butterflies and puppies Oh my! Every true 90s girl owned a few Lisa Frank school supplies. The more you had, the higher you ranked in the social hierarchy of elementary school.


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