Friendship Compatibility between Cancer and Cancer

Cancer and Cancer
Friendship Compatibility Profile :

When two Cancerians form a friendship, a nurturing relationship ruled by emotions is the result. A Cancer-Cancer friendship forms a deeply devoted pair who will remain loyal to one another’s interest. Both will learn how to best heed and cool the flames of their confidante’s outbursts, and both will feel comfort in their underlying commitment to getting things done. They are nurturing, helpful and sympathetic, that is, when they’re not brooding, emotionally manipulating or selfpitying. If they learn to keep their emotions in check, the friendship will nurture both of them.
Cancer’s place is in the home. The moody Crab is not as concerned with the opinions of the world as they are with the condition and activities of the household. With fierceness, Cancer will not hesitate to attack when a loved one or their domestic security is being threatened. These devotional qualities are the Crab’s greatest contribution to their intimate combination: They will fight for each other’s successes. The Crab (often known for being a touch ‘Crabby’) must not give in to their ungrounded emotional flare-ups and ability to injure the other’s feelings. Beware of Cancer’s fine art of emotional manipulation.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and this Sign is most sensitive to the moods that ebb and flow with the Moon’s monthly cycle. Historically, the Moon is thought to be the Great Mother, thus the instigator of Cancer’s great maternal and care-giving nature. Cancer’s instinct and energy geared toward comfort and domesticity provide a cozy environment, perfect for a growing friendship between two Crabs.
Cancer is a Water Sign. Their emotional response and instinct is the backbone of their connection. Since Cancer’s emotions are trampled so easily, it is not unusual for them to hide within their Crabby shells. This tendency to draw within one’s self makes Cancer a difficult companion at times, but two Crabs hanging out together should be able to recognize this need for personal space and respect temporary time-outs. Their Element of Water acts as a safe buffer zone separating themselves and their close friends and loved ones from the outside world.
Cancer is a Cardinal Sign. The Crab is not shy about getting exactly what they want from their friends. The protective, feral beast within is the first emotional element to leap forward under stress or a threat to the pack. However, this emotional call to arms is exactly the kind of toetrampling that will crush Cancer’s tender feelings. Fierce loyalty binds the Cancer-Cancer friendship, but can also threaten its very existence. These two must constantly try to perceive their emotions from the other’s perspective.
The best aspect of the Cancer-Cancer work friendship is their utter devotion to enriching each other’s emotional and home lives, and the strong bond that develops through their shared experiences. Together they will keep themselves safe from the cruel world and nurture a warm, understanding and supportive friendship.


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