Gemini Friendship Profile

Gemini ( May 21 – Jun 20 ) Friendship Profile :

The social butterfly of the Zodiac has lots of friends. In fact, the Twins should have twice as many as any other Sign. One side of a Gemini will want to go hang-gliding and run around outside, while the other is keen on sitting cozily at home and playing a board game. Their friends need to be as diverse as they are in order to keep up, or they just need to know when to let Gemini go free. The Twins can bond well with lots of different kinds of groups. If they get bored with one set of people, they always have a few more groups that will be more interesting — for awhile. Gemini is a sociable creature who enjoys having friends. If you can match their pace and mercurial temperament, you and your friend will have a blast. The best way to develop a bond with a Gemini is to make an intellectual connection. Interested in exploring anything at all? Take along your Gemini pal and enjoy the new perspective they give to even the most ordinary situations. If you can match wits with this one, they’ll respect your intellect and work to develop this worthwhile friendship.


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