Handprint Crafts Tips

Handprint Crafts Tips

1 . Apple Tree Handprint Painting

Use lots of green handprints to make a roughly round shape for the top of the tree. Underneath use the side of the hand to create a brown line for the trunk. When the tree is dry add red fingerprints for the apples.

2 . Autumn Sticker Tree

This is a lovely craft for younger children, who will enjoy both the hand painting and printing and the sticking on of stickers.

3 . Autumn Tree Handprint Painting

Go wild with some bright autumn colours to create this autumn tree painting, and capture your childs hands in time!

4 . Bumble Bee Handprint Painting

This cute little bumble bee is easy to create with some poster paints and your childs handprint.

5 . Butterfly Handprint Painting

Encourage your children to let their imagination run riot with this colourful butterfly handprint painting..

6 . Fingerprint Rainbow

This fingerprint rainbow is a fun activity for little ones perfect for St Patricks Day, a Noahs Ark or general rainbow theme.

7 . Flag Handprint Wreath

This flag handprint wreath makes an excellent group project for international days or sporting events such as the Olympic Games and it makes a stunning wall or table decoration too!

8 . Giraffe Handprint Painting

Have some fun with this cheeky giraffe handprint painting..

9 . Hand Banner

This hand banner craft makes a good class or family project. Why not make the banner long enough to circle a room so it joins together in a unified circle?

10 . Handprint And Footprint Ghosts

These handprint and footprint ghosts are so effective and, if you remember to date them, a great way of capturing a memory of your child.

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