Healthy Breakfast Tips

Healthy Breakfast Tips

1. Green Pea Pankis :
Panki is a popular Gujarati snack made of a rice flour batter that is cooked between 2 banana leaves. Green peas added to the panki batter make it look more appealing and enhance its fibre value. Serve these steamed hot pankis with the spicy Mint and Coriander Chutney.

2. Fruit and Cheese :
A balanced easy to assemble make ahead morning meal: Grab an apple wrap 1 to 2 ounces of Cheddar in plastic and toss ? cup of fiber and protein rich walnuts into a resealable plastic bag.

3. Dosa :
Dish out a whole wheat dosa famously called adhai for breakfast if you are bored of your cereal and oats. A healthy option it is packed with multiple nutrients that will help kick start your day. Pre mixed dosa batters are available at a number of stores and all you need to do cook and enjoy.

4. Huevos Rancheros :
One of the most portable proteins is a hard cooked egg but it has no fiber or carbohydrates. So slice it then roll it in an 8 inch whole wheat tortilla with a piece of Canadian bacon or lean ham and if you like a ? ounce slice of cheese. Add a tablespoon of salsa for a shot of flavor and a smidgen of vitamin C.

5. Plain Doughnut With Chocolate Milk :
A plain cake style doughnut is usually a better choice than a bakery muffin. At Dunkin Donuts for instance an old fashioned doughnut has 280 calories while a corn muffin has 510 calories. Add fiber by eating ? cup of almonds or dried fruit. Instead of coffee try 8 ounces of low fat chocolate milk.

6. Poha :
Flattened rice takes little time to make tastes great and makes for a filling meal too. Throw in some peas and veggies to make it more nutritious and remember to use a non stick pan so that you use as little oil as possible.

7. Upma :
A favourite breakfast item upma made out of suji can be ready in a jiffy and works well as a breakfast option. You can add veggies for a punch of vitamins proteins carbohydrates and iron. Perfect to start a busy day

8. Peanut Butter Waffle :
Instead of dousing a whole grain or bran toaster waffle in syrup cut the sugar and boost the protein and fiber by spreading it with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. You can also sprinkle on 1 tablespoon of raisins sesame seeds or extra peanuts for even more fiber which helps deliver the meals nutrients slowly and steadily.

9. Strawberry Shake :
In a cocktail shaker combine a packet of vanilla or strawberry instant breakfast powder (look for the no sugar added kind such as Carnation) and 1 cup of low fat strawberry cows milk or soy milk. (You can also mix this the night before.) If you have time use a blender to add strawberries or a frozen banana for extra fiber and a scoop of protein powder such as GeniSoy Natural.

10. Aloo paratha :
A simple and easy to prepare flattened bread with a filling aloo parathas are a favourite in most Indian households. Every recipe has variations in the preparation of the filling that needs to be cooked and then stuffed into the chapatti dough. Accompanied by curd or pickle parathas make for a nutritious breakfast for mornings that need a power punch.

11. Sabudana khichdi :
If you are looking for a healthy and energising breakfast option which will be light on your tummy then sabudana (sago) khichdi is something you must try. It is full of carbohydrates and starch that provide a boost of energy. It is easy to digest due to its very low in fat content. Best option to jumpstart your day.

12. Energy Bars :
To substitute for a meal an energy bar should have at least 3 to 5 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. Odwalla Kashi GoLean and TruSoy are all good options. Because cereal bars rarely have more than 2 grams of protein kids might be better off adding a stick of Go Gurt! and a sleeve of peanuts.