Most Popular Scams

Most Popular Scams

1. Resume Sites :
For most of us our time is just as valuable as our money, so when you go onto jobs search sites that try to upsell you with their premium search options rather than just connecting you with the employers it can be a real drag. Moreover, paying for any of these is like paying for instructions on how to tie your shoes, so just go to a reputable site like monster or careerbuilder instead.

2. Ostrich Farms :
It sounds crazy, but its true. Often touted by con artists as the food of the future, these businessmen will go around offering people to invest as part-owner of either an ostrich, emu, or some other exotic animal. In reality, however, the money never goes to purchasing any ostriches but rather has a tendency of ending up in offshore bank accounts. Better luck next time.

3. Phishing :
This broad term applies to any attempt by a scammer to obtain usernames, passwords, or credit card numbers by masquerading as a legitimate source. Just remember, if you get an email from your bank asking you to verify your account details ignore it! Legitimate companies will never ask you for this information via email.

4. Work At Home Scam :
Be your own boss, work from home, make thousands of dollars a week. How often have you seen this advertised? Probably almost daily and while the perpetrators will try to sell you a starter kit containing everything you need youll usually just end up with a letter telling you to scam your friends and family the same way they scammed you.

5. Contractor Scam :
If your house is falling apart, be careful who you hire. Many times con men prancing around disguised as contractors will leave your house a bigger mess than they found it. Once again, do your homework beforehand.

6. Hotel Room Scam :
You may have read the signs in hotel lobbies recently warning you about scammers calling in the middle of the night. Usually they will impersonate the front desk and very apologetically ask for your credit card number because their computer crashed. Their hope is that because your are probably a bit sleepy you wont realize that the number isnt from the hotel.

7. Craigslist Apartments :
You can find almost anything on Craiglist these days, including scams. The apartment listings, especially in places like Manhattan and LA are actually full of fraudulent ads. So if anyone is asking for money before you see the apartmentsteer clear.

8. Land Bankers :
By making empty promises concerning the land they are selling, land bankers manage to convince buyers that their plots will soon appreciate in value tremendously. The truth is, however, that these cheap plots are usually located in agricultural zones that will never see that sort of development. So before you dish out the big bucks on potential future real estatedo your homework.

9. U S Lottery :
Every year thousands of people get duped by callers telling them they won a large sum of money in the US lottery and they have to pay their taxes on it with some sleezy callers even bullying older people by telling them theyll go to jail if they dont. Remember peoplethere is no US lottery, it goes by states.

10. Sucker Lists Recovery Rooms :
The latest trend in scammology, con artists will buy lists of suckers who have been successfully scammed in the past. Why? These people, usually the elderly, are actually far more likely to fall for it again. In the most sinister twist of this story, the scammers will actually set up recovery rooms, or agencies that will help them recoup their losses for a small feeand you know the rest of the story.

11. Ebay Sellers Not Shipping :
Just because you paid for something on ebay doesnt mean youre going to receive something through ebay. There are a number of unscrupulous sellers on the site that will just take your money and run. Read the reviews first and if they dont have any, contact them directly.

12. Nigerian 419 Scam :
Chances are youve heard about this one. Although named after Nigeria, the emails can come from Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, or almost any other country. Typically they consist of some high ranking or influential individual soliciting assistance in something to the effect of transferring money abroad. Usually they promise a significant portion of their wealth in return for your help. Unfortunately all the transaction costs and fees that you end up paying for are phony and its time to write of your losses.