Most Ridiculous Chocolate Flavours

1 . Banana Chocolate

Banana chocolate is modestly delicious. I enjoy a chocolate who is straight forward with me.

2 . Black Pearl Bar

Includes ginger, wasabi and black sesame seeds infused dark chocolate. This is definitely a puzzle for the palate.

3 . Lavender truffles

Rich dark chocolate infused with lavender and cardamom. Lavender doesnt just belong in bathwater (although Id eat this while in a lavender scented bath forever if I could).

4 . Naga Bar

Deep milk chocolate with sweet indian curry powder and coconut.

5 . Goat Cheese and Pear Bonbon

Dark chocolate with goat cheese, Pear Williams and crushed black pepper buttercream. This is the fanciest chocolate of all chocolates. It deserves a little bow tie, or maybe a monocle.

6 . Mo s Bacon Bar

This Vosges company really has this whole chocolate thing down. Deep chocolate with apple smoked bacon. Somewhere, Ron Swanson is shedding a silent tear of joy.

7 . Kaffir lime chocolate

Dark chocolate filled with caramel and kaffir lime leaves.

8 . Lemon grass with peppercorn

This beauty is white chocolate ganache infused with lemongrass, a hint of vodka and garnished with pink peppercorn. All you really have to say is ganache and vodka and Im pretty much sold.

9 . Raspberry pink pepper truffles

Truffles loaded with raspberry puree with a hint of ground pink peppercorns.

10 . Red Fire Bar

Mexican and chipotle chilies, ceylon cinnamon all melted into dark chocolate. I think this is the definition of it burns so good.


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