New Lotus flower Tattoo Designs

1 . Mid back lotus flower tattoo

Perhaps she/tattoo artist intended not to color the lotus flower, it is already beautiful just the way it is.

2 . White lotus flower

A white lotus flower means purity of both spirit and mind. I like the way the flower is tattooed on her.

3 . Purple and blue lotus flowers

These flowers mean spirituality and wisdom. I guess both are crucial to be enlightened.

4 . 3 red lotus flower tattoos

I think its universal, that the red color always represents love.

5 . Sketched effect lotus flower tattoo

I think it is too simple, and if one looks from afar, you may not recognize it right away. Up close it is a beautiful sketched lotus flower design.

6 . Outlined lotus flower tattoo

Im not sure if this tattoo is finished or not, but it already looks incredibly good enough, but would be much better with a bright splash of colors on it.

7 . Pink lotus flower with green glow

Pink lotus flower represents the historical legend of the enlightened one, Buddha.

8 . Black and Grey lotus flower tattoo

I love the added detail on the lotus flower. Once again, this may be in black and grey color, but it still looks stunning.

9 . Back piece lotus flower tattoo with sanskrit

This beautiful tattoo is done by a Japanese artist named Shige.

10 . Red lotus flower among scars

This person must have put a serious thought about her tattoo. Its the only colored part among her amazing scarification body enhancement. It also looks like its unfinished and is about to add fly traps. Still, it already looks beautiful on her.


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