Oldest People To Accomplish Amazing Feats

1 . Oldest Person to Visit The South Pole

Though the North Pole is a harsh environment, it cant compare to the brutal harshness of the South Pole. Presently located in the continent of Antarctica 9,301 ft. above sea level the South Pole is a frozen desert with temperature reaching ?58

2 . Oldest Person To Visit The North Pole

The North Pole is a harsh environment with temperatures reaching ?43

3 . Oldest Bungee Jumper

Bungee Jumping is one of the most intense things you can do to feed your adrenaline rush addiction. Young people tremble at the thought of tackling this death defying feat. And so did 96 year old Mohr Keet

4 . Oldest Competitive Video Gamer

And you thought you had game! Check out Doris Self. At 81 years old, shes spanking and taking names. At the Twin Galaxies 1984 Video Game Masters Tournament, Doris was able to clench a world record with 1,112,300 points on Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings (TGTS)

5 . Oldest Person To Begin Primary School

The misconception that you cant learn new things when you are old is now shattered thanks to Kimani Maruge who enrolled in the first grade at 84 years old. There is therefore no excuse for the rest of us. Excuse me, I feel like reading a book or something.

6 . Oldest Person To Sail Around The World

Sailing across the world is a feat in it of itself, but for someone as old as Minoru Saito, who was 77 years old when he completed a circumnavigation of the world, to actually accomplish this feat is nothing short of astounding. But it doesnt end there; he has successfully circumnavigated the world eight times. The eighth time he circumnavigated the world going the wrong way meaning going westwardly against prevailing winds and currents

7 . Oldest Person To Release a New Album

Smoky Dawson, was an Australian country music performer who at the age 92 years and 156 days released a collection of original songs in an album entitled Homestead of My Dreams making him the oldest person to release a new album. Touted as Australians singing cowboy, Dawsons achievements are extensive and his contribution to music has won him a wide range of awards.

8 . Oldest Practicing Doctor

Dr. Leila Denmark was an American pediatrician who earned the title of oldest practicing pediatrician until her retirement on May 2001 at the age of 103. Not only was Leila the oldest practicing pediatrician, but was also a super centenarian living to be 114 years old. She was one of the 100 oldest people ever and at the time of her death was the 4th oldest verified person in the world.

9 . Oldest Woman to Give Birth To Twin

Having children has been described as one of the ultimate blessings by some. As such, many women dream with having children but for a multitude of reason are not able to. Carmela Bousada falls into this group. At age 67 Carmela dreamed of having children of her own, so she went to Californias Pacific Fertility Center where she went through the in vitro fertilization procedure which resulted in a pair of healthy twin boys (Christian and Pau). This sparked huge controversy and criticism over the right age of pregnancy and Carmelas disregard for the emotional and paternal needs of the newborns. Sadly, Carmela died at the age of 69, two years after giving birth to the twins.

10 . Oldest Woman To Complete A Marathon

Those who run marathons on a consistent basis are aware of the grueling training and execution needed for the event; a physical endurance test that can challenge even the most athletic and experienced runners. Gladys Burrill, 92 years old, met this challenge with a positive attitude to become the Guinness Book of World Records Oldest Female Marathon Finisher. She is thus rightly nicknamed Gladyator by her local newspaper.


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