Pisces – Inner Self

Pisces ( Feb 19 – Mar 20 ) Inner Self :

You absorb impressions, images, and emotions from everything around you, and then filter them through your rose-colored view of how you’d like things to be. This is not to say you cannot deal with reality it’s just that you like to think of life as an ultraromantic movie filled with happy endings and where everyone has the best possible motives. You’re a big bundle of feelings. You feel intense joy and happiness when you’re involved in a creative project or a loving relationship. The opposite is also true: you can suffer greater depths of sadness than most. Yet you’re tougher than most people think. Push you down and you keep bouncing back like a rubber bathtub toy. You’re charged with energy and get caught up in what’s going on around you. Your greatest strength is in giving to others; you’re always ready to help whoever needs you.


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