Prevent Dengue

1 . Apply Mosquito Repellants

This is the number one defense that you can do whether you are at home or not. Most of these Mosquito Repellants are in lotion form, which is safe to use, and the smell would not harm anyone, not even the kids. Of course, you could ask the attending pediatrician of your kids if you are not, sure which mosquito repellant is safe and recommended. Although, they are safe, you have to follow instructions for your benefit and the safety of your loved ones. You do not just use it if you would leave home; you have to use it every day, especially during dengue season, even indoors.

2 . Keep Doors Closed Use Window Screens

Of course, we want to keep fresh air to come inside our home but make sure that you screen your windows and doors to strain and put walls on these deadly mosquitoes. If you do not have screens right now, it is better advised to install units in every door and window available. Along with it, spray areas, which you feel mosquitoes could inhabit and exist.

3 . Wear Protective Clothing

According to health experts, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes mostly attack during the day, especially in the morning while a silent attack happens at night. To those countries and other tropical areas that are experiencing rainy seasons that are prone or have been experiencing this problem whenever this season comes, should have clothing that could protect you like long pants, long-sleeved shirts, socks, and shoes especially when doing outdoor activities in a place where you feel not safe at all.

4 . Use Mosquito Nets at Home

This is ideal for houses that do not have any protective window screens, particularly for those homes that have newly born babies and kids. Yes, it might sound too conservative and far from the modern gadgets and latest solutions that can be used, but mosquito nets are effective, especially to kids who could not protect themselves more than adults. Anyhow, there are cute modern designs of mosquito nets these days. These are advised too if you would go in a camping or activity where you have to sleep outside. It is better to be on guard than to be off guard because of the so-called fashion disillusions.

5 . Scrub and Clean Container Margins

You do not just replace water in containers, water buckets, and other vases where water are stored or regularly used; you should wash them and scrub them, especially the edges and margins of each container. Cleaning them means scraping the insides away, which is an effective way of shunning the possibility of building a colony of mosquitoes, which is possible despite that fresh water has been filled and replaced in these containers and fillers.

6 . Avoid Pot Plates

It is being discouraged to use pot plates since these are prone to attract mosquitoes and they are harder to clean. It needs consistent maintenance especially in securing that they are free from eggs that come from mosquitoes, especially from Aedes aegypti. Hence, if you would continue to use pot plates, make sure that you clean them regularly and scrub its sides and edges.

7 . Change Water Everyday

This is applicable if you are keeping flower vases and pots at home. Make sure that you refill vases with new water and not just do it once a week. This is one of the favorite spots of mosquitoes. Do not forget to wash the roots of these plants thoroughly because these are the parts where eggs of these mosquitoes stick the most. Beautifying your home and bringing the nature inside your living room with these flowers and plants require responsibility and discipline, which involves awareness and initiative to clean these plant holders to make it useful and safe.

8 . Clear and Remove Stagnant Water

This is the common root cause of the building up of nest of mosquitoes. Check canals and scupper drains where stagnant water builds up. Avoid stacking water especially those that were used for washing clothes. Use the used water right away for cleaning kitchen sinks, toilet bowls and flushing out dirt after using the bathroom. Otherwise, throw them away instead of inviting viruses that could give more risk on your health.

9 . General Cleaning Once A Month

General cleaning does not mean that we would just clean areas within the house, which includes disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, walls, and especially edges of the house found in the living, kitchen, comfort room, and bedroom. Do not forget to include gully traps and roof gutters, which are among the most ignored portions outside the house. Everything must be cleansed and checked thoroughly since this is just a once-a-month activity. Make sure that you clean everything and do not leave anything undone.

10 . Cover Open Tanks

This is the favorite spot of mosquitoes where they feel they could exist and propagate. Make sure that you cover at all times all open tanks and those water filling buckets, and other containers with lids. You could also seal other open water reservoirs and other vessels, which are being used at home, particularly in kitchens and backyards where people store water the most.


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