Problems Only 00s Girls Will Understand

1 . Thinking that crimped hair would make you look like this

Every girl has a diva out there that she idolizes and tries to emulate, right from the fashion icons wardrobe to her tiniest accessory and mannerisms. The picture of the celebrity here in a lacy, stringy number along with crimped hair is probably one that many girls would like to copy. If not for the y attire, little girls would certainly want to at least style their hair in a similar fashion. Straight hair, after all, is so boring. So why not crimp those tresses that can turn you into a woman from a mere girl? Hope mammas not watching

2 . But actually looking like this

Just because that fashionable celebrity sported crimped hair, you got your nice straight, soft, silky hair all crimped, didnt you little girl? That toothless smile on your face says that you are happy with the results. But those eyes seem a little disappointed that your crimped hair is not making you look as beautiful as that fashionable celebrity you tried to emulate. The little girl in this image is probably wondering why crimped hair is not looking as lovely on her as it does on that celebrity. The answer is the hair might look like noodles, but the girl is certainly appearing like a rosy angel

3 . Harry Potter Craze

Little girls crazy about Harry Potter and his wizardry antics must have a hard time staying away from knowing every detail of a new release before even laying their hands on a copy of it. After all, this is the age of the internet, the TV and the radio that all make a perfect brouhaha every time a new Harry Potter is out on the market shelves. What little girls probably do in this situation is to boycott all forms of media to stay away from knowing the news before time. This is perhaps the best idea shut your ears to all that you do not want to hear

4 . Figuring out what your most flattering webcam angle was

When girls hit the age of thirteen, they, for some unknown reason get overly obsessed with their appearances. Before the age of the camera and computers, it was the mirrors that teen girls befriended to tell them the truth about their looks. Today, mirrors have given way to the camera and the PCs so that girls may know which angle flatters them the most when posing in front of a camera. Indeed, for this task there is no time limit set at all. In fact, time seems to simply evaporate when girls are on this angle hunting job. Hunger and even boys, taken a secondary place

5 . But then not being able to flirt with boys on MSN because your Mum wanted to use the phone

Flirting with the opposite is a common occurrence during adolescence. After all, there is little control over the raging hormones during this period in life. And yet, control must be exercised, especially where parents are concerned. So suppose you want to flirt with your crush on MSN, first check if your mother wants to use the phone or not. Otherwise, she might just barge in between your flirtations and catch you red handed. Such a problem, mothers pose dont they? Only a teen girl can understand the desperation of wanting to flirt in face of the constraints placed by a strict mother.

6 . Confiscations and Groundings

Watches with alarms on them, such as the Baby G shown in the image here, have an annoying way of beeping right when you are in the middle of a class or in an extremely quiet place like the library. The alarm going off at all such wrong moments puts you right in the limelight only this time you will be at receiving end of angry stares. And if the beeping happens every hour on the hour there are all chances of you being grounded at school and having your dear Baby G getting confiscated by your teacher. Oh such a problem

7 . Girls and their profiles

Teenage girls are a conscious lot, whether it is about their dresses, their looks, their accessories or even their profile pages on the net. For an adolescent girl, her profile has to be just perfect with respect to her personal details, her hobbies and her favorites. But only a girl will understand how difficult it is to choose a favorite item, like a song, that can reflect her best to post on her profile. She may spend hours selecting that perfect song, but to the teen girl, every moment spent on this hunt is worth it, if it can make her profile the best on the net.

8 . Teen Girls and their Friends

For an adolescent, their friends hold a very special place in their lives. Every friend is important and leaving out one for the other is strict no no. This is what poses a problem when it comes to figuring out in what order to place friends on MySpace. The added problem here is that the more number of friends your account reflects, the more good it does for your profile. This means you cannot risk of hurting one friend by putting him/her in the wrong place on the MySpace order and losing them. Such a dilemma is it not? Parents will never understand it.

9 . Girls and Big Brother

Big Brother is a Big time show one that is a big favorite among the public. You are a teenage girl and you like the show too. You dont mind staying up a bit late to watch this program, but your parents certainly do. But parents will be parents and will never understand how important it is for you to catch the latest BigBrother telecast. After all, the next day you must gossip about it with your friends and if you cannot you will only seem out of place. Oh If only parents realized how vital it is for you to feel one among your friends

10 . Girls and Road Routes

Boys are better with directions they say, but girls like in every other walk of life, do not want to be left behind in this either. So perhaps, that is why some girl wrote down the names of every street, well almost, on the map shown in the picture so that she has no chances of getting lost. And yet, because some streets are not marked on the road map, in all possibility the girl might not find the shortest and easiest way to her destination Mount Street. Lets face it just like boys cannot be brought to cleaning up a house, girls and directions are best left alone too.


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