Rainy Day Ideas

1 . Rainbow Xylophone

This is such a fun, educational and musical activity that kids will definitely enjoy! Plus, its super colorful.

2 . Rainy Day Songs

Do your kids start dancing around every time they hear a song they love? If so, you might want to teach them some rainy day nursery songs.

3 . Marshmallow Toothpick House

This would be such a fun activity to keep some of those older boys busy. And maybe even the girls, too! It will definitely keep them entertained if you make it a contest.

4 . Make Believe Boat

Encourage a little imaginative play with simple things from around the house.

5 . Baking Cookies

This is one of my favorite activities to do with the kids! Cookies, bread, muffins. Bake something the whole family will love.

6 . DIY Memory Game

Help the kids develop some thinking skills by creating a fun DIY Memory game.

7 . Geometric Puzzles

These puzzles are so cool because there isnt just one correct way to put it together. Kids can practice matching colors and create whatever they want.

8 . Rainbow Sorting

Use the rain as an excuse to teach about all the colors in the rainbow! I love simple sorting activities like this.

9 . Kisses Cards

Write cards to send to family and friends. If your kids are too little to write, they can always use stamps, or in this case, lipstick.

10 . Make a Terrarium

These are beautiful and add so much life to a room. What a great rainy day idea.


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