Ranking All NFL Teams From Least To Most Valuable

Ranking All NFL Teams From Least To Most Valuable

1. Carolina Panthers :
What happens when a once struggling franchise makes multiple playoff appearances? That team raises ticket prices. The Carolina Panthers have done just that over the past two years, according to Forbes, following the club making back to back playoff runs. Neither of those runs resulted in championships or even Super Bowl berths, though, and fans want more from their favorite team. Quarterback Cam Newton, who is featured in national advertising campaigns that are showcased on NFL Sundays, will continue to have his doubters until he can help guide the Panthers to the big game as have fellow QBs such as Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick.Current Value: $1.56 Billion

2. Detroit Lions :
The Detroit Lions, according to Forbes, increased the prices of season tickets by four percent heading into the 2015 NFL regular season. While that is an understandable decision when you consider the worth of such seats and also the amount of money that is being spent on the roster of the Lions, fans want to see more than just professional football in Detroit eight times a season. The Lions are one of 13 teams in the league to have never won a Super Bowl, and the club has not come all that close to doing so in over two decades.Current Value: $1.44 Billion

3. Denver Broncos :
One cannot mention much to do with the 2015 Denver Broncos without also bringing up the name of quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning, the greatest regular season quarterback in NFL history, is showing signs that his 39 year old body is beginning to betray him. There has been much speculation since the end of the 2014 15 playoffs that we could be seeing Manning for one last season, regardless of how he performs. The legend of the sport has not made any such declaration, but it seems reasonable that Manning will want to go out on his own terms and not because the Broncos have given up on him.Current Value: $1.94 Billion

4. Indianapolis Colts :
Forbes points out two interesting factoids about the financial state of the Indianapolis Colts: The Colts pay just $250,000 per year to rent Lucal Oil Stadium, and the team has almost no debt. One would think, then, that Indianapolis should be able to surround young quarterback Andrew Luck with more and better talent. The Colts, according to Spotrac, began the 2015 NFL regular season with $11 million of salary cap space available, and that money could have been spent on providing one of the best overall quarterbacks in the NFL with weapons that he needs if Luck is to out duel Tom Brady in a one and done playoff game.Current Value: $1.88 Billion

5. Cleveland Browns :
The former minority investor in AFC North side the Pittsburgh Steelers has not been shy about spending money on the Cleveland Browns. He has completed a transaction that cost him slightly less than $1 billion to take the Browns over from former owner Randy Lerner. Haslam and the Browns announced in the fall of 2013 that the team would be pumping around $120 million into FirstEnergy Stadium for improvements to the home of the club that opened back in 1999. It is now on quarterback Johnny Manziel, the former Johnny Football, to make the Browns a valuable team on the field.Current Value: $1.5 Billion

6. Baltimore Ravens :
Winning a Super Bowl championship and Most Valuable Player award was not enough to convince every critic that Joe Flacco is, in fact, an elite quarterback. Flacco now needs to use those opinions as bulletin board material each time he takes the field for a game. Veteran wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. announced in August that 2015 will be his last season as an active NFL player. Linebacker Ray Lewis made a similar proclamation in January of 2013, and the Ravens won the Super Bowl during Lewis final run. Baltimore fans will be hoping for a repeat performance from the team up through February 2016.Current Value: $1.93 Billion

7. Tennessee Titans :
Those running the Tennessee Titans are hoping that the club has the league s next big thing at the quarterback position. Marcus Mariota has impressed since his early days in the NFL, and he posted what was, according to the stats, a perfect performance versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his official regular season debut. No reasonable individual is preparing a parade in Tennessee or a Hall of Fame speech for Mariota in September of this year, but the product of the University of Oregon seems to have the goods to consistently win on Sundays so long as he can avoid the issues that often plague young quarterbacks.Current Value: $1.49 Billion

8. Pittsburgh Steelers :
Any new NFL owner looking to achieve success would be wise to examine the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are commonly mentioned as one of the best pro sports organizations in North America. Pittsburgh has six Super Bowl championships to its name. No team in the NFL may have a better road advantage, as Steelers fans follow the club from city to city regardless of the team s record. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger may be getting up there in age, but he will be looking to show that he has plenty left in the tank during the final years of what has been a historic career.Current Value: $1.9 Billion

9. Seattle Seahawks :
The Seattle Seahawks are, on paper, a bargain at anything under $3 billion these days. Seattle has appeared in back to back Super Bowl games, winning one of those and coming up a yard short in the other. The Seahawks have a talented young quarterback in Russell Wilson, a man recently put pen to paper on a new extension that will keep him with the Seahawks for years to come. Seattle posts impressive home sellouts, and the 12th Man follows the Hawks wherever they play road contests. The Seahawks and Seattle Sounders offer proof that Seattle is a wonderful sports town.Current Value: $1.87 Billion

10. Dallas Cowboys :
The Dallas Cowboys dominate the financial aspect of the NFL according to Forbes. This is the ninth straight year, Forbes claims, that the Cowboys are the most valuable team in the NFL. The $620 million in revenue that the Cowboys brought in over the past year was a record for the league. Being atop these lists probably puts a smile on the face of team owner Jerry Jones, but not as much as would the Cowboys ending a Super Bowl drought that has lasted two decades. When it comes to money, though, the state of the NFL can be broken down with a simple question: How bout dem Cowboys? Current Value: $4 Billion

11. Houston Texans :
Is superstar defensive end J.J. Watt really the best player in the NFL? No, he is not, if only because he does not play quarterback in a league that favors passing attacks. What Watt is, however, is a recognized name and an All Pro who is becoming a brand all on his own. Watt signed a contract extension with the Texans in 2014, one that could keep him with the Texans up through the end of the decade, and Watt is also a showcased athlete for multiple advertising campaigns. The Texans are still searching for a franchise quarterback, though, as Ryan Mallet has yet to show that he can be one for any NFL team.Current Value: $2.5 Billion

12. New York Jets :
The biggest reason that the New York Jets are not worth more money in 2015 is that the club remains the little brother of New York professional football, the New York Mets to the New York Yankees. It was the New York Giants and not the Jets that brought a first Super Bowl championship celebration to MetLife Stadium, and the Jets are in the middle of another reset that included changes in the front office and the coaching staff. Todd Bowles can make Jets fans quickly forget about Rex Ryan if Bowles can post a winning record in his first season as the Gang Green head coach.Current Value: $2.6 Billion