Rock Stars Before They Were Famous

1 . Kurt Cobain

Doesn t Kurt Cobain look like a pleasant young man in the photo on the left? To be fair, he probably was. Regardless of his problems or the way he exited the world, many still see Cobain as a true and honest influence.

2 . Zach de la Rocha

Born in Long Beach, California in 1970, de la Rocha is most famous for fronting his band Rage Against The Machine. Here he is pictured back in the day when all he really had to rage against was the onset of puberty.

3 . Slash

Widely regarded as one the best guitarists of his generation, perhaps ever, Slash was born Saul Hudson in London in 1965 his mother an African American designer who hung out with David Bowie, and his father a white English artist who created album covers.

4 . Buzz Osborne

Also known affectionately as King Buzzo, the man born Roger Osborne, is the guitarist, vocalist and chief songwriter for The Melvins, as well as collaborations with many other musicians. He was a friend of Kurt Cobain as a youngster and played bass in Cobain s first band, Fecal Matter.

5 . Lars Ulrich

Those big eyes are almost unmistakable, aren t they? Of course, we can t hear his loud voice via a photo. Perhaps if we could we d recognise his straight away. One of the world s greatest drummers who was born in Denmark, Ulrich originally wanted to pursue a career in tennis. He ended up founding the most successful heavy metal band of all time instead.

6 . Fred Durst

Before Limp Bizkit, Durst spent his days mowing lawns and then worked as a tattoo artist before making it big. He is said to have been a big fan of skating, breakdancing, rap, beatboxing, DJing, and heavy metal. All these influences was only ever going to end in something like Limp Bizkit.

7 . Axl Rose

Young William Bailey here went through many changes as a kid, not the least of which was his bear. He went through a stage in between these photos where he was the singer for the biggest rock band on the planet during which time he looked a bit cooler.

8 . Kid Rock

Back in the day, Kid Rock was just a boy from Michigan with a hairdo which defied the laws of gravity. Oh yeah and he also looked remarkably like Macaulay Culkin that is a nice way of saying he looked like a tool.

9 . Mike Patton

Have a look at Mike Patton on the left and then check him out as he is today. Do you get the feeling that he was always that slightly weird kid that was too cool to actually get picked on? Or maybe that kid who was always good at stuff without actually trying too hard?

10 . Courtney Love

Apparently Courtney Love was rejected from the Mickey Mouse Club as a youngster after reading a Sylvia Plath poem at the audition. I don t know the woman personally but I don t care what she does, just as long as she doesn t do it near me.


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