Rules to play Broomball

1 . Teams

Each team has a goalie, three forwards and two defensemen same line up as hockey. A captain and two alternates are allowed per team and must be designated prior to game time. Only these players may speak to an official. The designation must be marked by a C or an A on the jersey.

2 . On sides

USA Broomball uses the floating blue line concept. That is, once an attacking player has crossed the blue line in the offensive zone, the red line now becomes the designated off sides line. Essentially, the blue line disappears as the off sides marker. The ball must completely clear the blue line before the players shoes and no other attacking player can be in the zone before the ball in order for the attacking team to be considered on sides.

3 . Icing

Icing occurs when any player of a defending team shoots or intentionally deflects the ball from behind their defending zone blue line and across the goal line of the opposing team. Icing is ruled automatically.

4 . High broom

At all levels of USA Broomball play, a high broom is called when the ball makes contact with the players stick above shoulder level. A minor penalty is called, unless an injury occurs as a result of the high broom, which is a major penalty.

5 . Penalties

Please refer to the official USA Broomball rule book for specific actions resulting in minor, major or game misconduct penalties.

6 . Sticks

Commercially produced broomball sticks are required for tournament play. They range in price from $20 $100. If youre a beginner, the $20 stick will be all you need. Sticks a.k.a. brooms have either wood or aluminum shafts. Each variation has its weakness. Wood shafts tend to break or splinter after awhile, while aluminum shafts can bend during a tough game.

7 . Balls

There are two variations of the broomball. The outdoor ball looks very similar to a small soccer ball. These retail for about $25 and are manufactured by Baden and Acacia. The indoor ball is made of a hard orange rubber and retails for $18 20. D Gel manufactures the indoor ball for USA Broomball tournaments. Since the majority of USA Broomball tournaments are played indoors, it is strongly recommended that each team have an indoor game ball on hand. Also, most leagues, whether indoor or outdoor, requires each team to have a game ball.

8 . Shoes

Shoes are strongly recommended and required for USA Broomball tournament play. They give a player more traction than standard tennis shoes. There are two variations of the broomball shoe. The indoor shoe has a patterned sole, while the outdoor shoe has divots to collect snow from the ice. Shoes can be the most expensive piece of equipment, but having them can level the playing field with your competition.

9 . Helmet

Commerically produced hockey helmets with chin straps are required for all tournament play at USA Broomball events. A face shield or cage is also recommended. Hockey helmets can cost anywhere from $25 to $90.

10 . Footwear

Rubber soled non marking tennis or basketball type shoes suitable for running on ice are
recommended. No spikes, cleats, heavy boots, or similar footwear is allowed. Broomball shoes are not allowed.


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