Rules to play Gymnastics

1 . Still rings

Two parallel rings 50cm apart, suspended from a cable and straps and held, one in each hand, for a series of exercises in mens artistic gymnastics particularly requiring stillness of the body; also called the rings.

2 . Uneven bars

An apparatus in womens artistic gymnastics with a top bar 2.4m above the floor and a lower bar 1.6m high, used for a continuous series of grip changes, releases, new grasps and other complex moves.

3 . High bar

A bar standing 2.75 metres high, used in mens artistic gymnastics; also called the horizontal bar.

4 . Pommel horse

A solid apparatus 115 centimetres high with two handles, or pommels, on top that men in artistic gymnastics use for a series of manoeuvres defined by complex hand placements and body positions while holding themselves above the apparatus.

5 . Plane

An imaginary surface where moves are performed, i.e. lateral, frontal, horizontal or diagonal.

6 . Diagonal plane

An imaginary surface at less than a 90 degree angle to the floor, where moves are performed.

7 . Horizontal plane

An imaginary surface, level with the ground, where moves are performed.

8 . Lateral plane

An imaginary surface to the side of, and parallel to, the body, where moves are performed.

9 . Safety platform

A large, thick mat that sits on the floor at each end of the trampoline to cushion the impact if anyone falls from the apparatus.

10 . Beatboard

The springboard used in the mens and womens vault.


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