Sagittarius Friendship Profile

Sagittarius ( Nov 22 – Dec 21 ) Friendship Profile :

The Archer is keen on having anyone or anything around that will provide just a little more insight or education with regards to life in general. Because of their fascinatingly intellectual and adventurous nature, your Sagittarius friend is likely to be constantly surrounded by comrades and acquaintances. If anyone ever loved having a pie thrown in their face, it’s a Sag. Often the class clown, their sense of fun and love of madcap exploits draws people to them. As a bonus, their knowledge of travel, philosophy and culture makes them fascinating conversationalists. If you meet a Sagittarius while hiking through the Himalayas with a pack strapped to your back, you’ve made a friend for life. Looking to discover more and more about the world around them, the Archer will make friends with people from all over the world and from every walk of life. An instant bond can be struck if you’re attending a class on a foreign culture or language. You can count on those midnight phone call to be answered by your Sagittarius friend promptly and effectively, and they will never grudge a favor. In return, however, you should keep your sense of adventure intact and be ready to run with the Archer wherever their whims lead them.


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