Silicone implants are old fashioned – you need 2 weeks only to increase your breasts in a natural way

Many women want bigger breasts. But not only women, men as well prefer women with bigger breasts!

For these reasons, women often decide to have plastic surgery and thus suffer tremendous pain.

Breast implants or silicones, are the fastest solution for larger breasts. But if you want to increase your breast size without pain, you can do it naturally.

Here is the list of 4 plants that actually can help you:


This herb originated in China. It contains various compounds that stimulate the breast growth.

This herb is mainly used as a spice. If you want to have an effect, you need to use it more often.


This is also a very useful plant. Phytoestrogens that can be found in this plant are thought to stimulate the growth of breast. It is particularly useful for mothers who breastfeed, as it stimulates the secretion of milk.

It is rich in anethole which increases the secretion of estrogen.

It also helps against colic pain in babies.


This plant stimulates the blood flow in the breast tissue. There and other useful compounds which are beneficial for the reproductive organs.

Pueraria Mirificia

This plant originated in Thailand and has a wide range of beneficial properties. It is used in anti-aging products. It can also help with breast growth.


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