Spookiest Abandoned Places

Spookiest Abandoned Places

1 . Hashima Island Japan

Once a thriving town housing over 5000 miners, it was abandoned when petrol replaced coal as Japans primary fuel source.

2 . City Hall Station New York City

It was opened in 1904 and closed in 1945 as barely anyone ever used it.

3 . Sanzhi UFO Houses San Zhi Taiwan

Built for US military officers in the 70s, construction stopped in the 80s when funds dried up.

4 . Disneys Discovery Island Lake Buena Vista Florida

Formerly a Disney wildlife attraction, rumor has it that it was closed down when deadly bacteria was found in the surrounding water.

5 . Canfranc Rail Station Spain

Originally part of an international route between France and Spain, an accident in the 70s destroyed a local bridge and severed rail links between the nations.

6 . Orpheum Auditorium New Bedford Massachusetts

Opened on the same day as the sinking of the Titanic, today part of the building is a supermarket but the rest remains exactly as it was for the past century.

7 . Wreck of the SS America Fuerteventura Canary Islands

This American Ocean Liner wrecked in 1994 after half a century of service.

8 . Underwater City Shicheng China

Founded 1,300 years ago the city has been underwater for 53 years since the Xinan River Hydro Plant flooded the area.

9 . Wonderland Amusement Park Beijing China

Intended to be the largest amusement park in the eastern hemisphere, financial issues prevented its completion. Today, farmers tend the land.

10 . El Hotel del Salto Colombia

Built in 1928 for rich tourists to visit the local waterfall, the waterfall became contaminated and led to the eventual abandonment of the remote hotel.