Superheroes That Actually Exist

1 . Zetaman

This one takes his role a little too seriously we must admit and that s why he patrols the streets of Portland armed with a steel baton and a 30,000 volt Taser. Zetaman roams the streets looking to help any citizen in need. Although he has never needed to use his weapons, he s always prepared to fight off any criminals who try to stir things up.

2 . Wheel Clamp Man

Wheel Clamp Man is an Australian real life superhero who operates in the city of Perth. He travels the city removing clamps from drivers wheels and wears a disguise consisting of a fake mustache (which makes him look like a cross between Freddie Mercury and Borat), along with a green Lycra suit, a red mask, gloves, and a helmet.

3 . The Statesman

This innocent looking banker by day is a badass crime fighter by night who protects the streets of Birmingham, UK, by stopping drug deals and preventing burglaries. He also sports state of the art gadgets to help citizens in danger and a flashlight to scare off any villains who cross his path.

4 . The Crimson Fist

The Crimson Fist is a very special man who discovered his superhero persona after years of drug and alcohol abuse. By day he s an IT programmer and by night he spends his time helping the homeless by handing out supplies such as bottled water, socks, and food, using his own funds.

5 . Angle Grinder Man

Angle Grinder Man was a self proclaimed superhero who operated in England. He patrolled by night looking for unhappy drivers who had been clamped and then would set their cars free. He took on clamping firms, speed cameras, and the congestion charge on behalf of drivers. Unfortunately, we haven t heard any news on him for the past ten years or so.

6 . Terrifica

Terrifica is a retired American superheroine who patrolled New York City for some time before we lost track of her. She s best remembered for her awesome red suit and blond hair.

7 . Superbarrio

Superbarrio G mez is a Mexican superhero based in Mexico City who uses nonviolent means to fight crime and corruption with protests, civil disobedience, and political action. He wears a red and yellow wrestler s mask in the tradition of the luchadores, complete with a red and yellow suit and cape emblazoned with a SB inside a pentagon shaped shield.

8 . Super Hero

Super Hero is a former professional wrestler who roams the streets of Clearwater, Florida, in his 1975 Corvette and helps stranded motorists. He also teaches young people about road safety and raises money for various charities with a particular emphasis on helping the homeless.

9 . Shadow Hare

Shadow Hare first started life as a crime fighter in Cincinnati in 2005 and became widely known through the news and various videos in 2009. As of 2012, there has been no reported activity from Shadow Hare so it is likely he is now a retired real life superhero.

10 . The Flashing Blade

Back in 2007 a mysterious crusader suddenly appeared out of nowhere and helped the police catch criminals on a street in South Shields, UK. The Flashing Blade ran up to an armed gang that was about to attack two unarmed detectives, slashing frantically with a three foot sword that cut one of the gang members on the arm. His actions panicked the gang and the police were able to arrest three of them. The officers described him as a white male in his forties, medium build, about 5 10 with a moustache, before he disappeared into the night.


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