Unique Potato Chips Flavors

1 . Walkers English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding flavor

As a special limited series for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, British snack food manufacturer Walkers made potato chips with English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding flavor.

2 . Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken flavor

Australian potato chips producer Red Rock Deli came up with the original flavor blending sweet and salty tastes in their Honey Soy Chicken.

3 . Lays Natural and Cool Flavour

Sounding like totally incompatible combination in the Western world, blueberry potato chips is one of the most popular flavors in China.

4 . Lays Red Caviar

Russians prefer their Lays potato chips dusted in red caviar flavor.

5 . Lays Hot Chili Squid

Asian nations are famous for their fondness for sea food and they successfully incorporated this ingredient even into their potato chips.Hot Chili Squid is a popular flavor in Thailand.

6 . Bohemia mushroom flavor

The Czechs love mushroom picking and making all kinds of food from it.No wonder their leading potato chips producer recently came up even with mushroom flavored chips.

7 . Lays crazy flavor

In 2013, the nation wide contest to develop a new flavor of potato chips in Canada was won by a crazy flavor combining two Canadian icons maple syrup and moose.

8 . Lays Kpa6

If you have ever fancied trying crab potato chips, you should visit Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Russia where these chips by Lays are very common.

9 . Walkers Irish stew Flavour

Considered the national dish of Ireland, it comes as no surprise that the Irish stew became a favorite flavor for potato chips in this country.

10 . Seaweed Pringles Flavour

Seaweed potato chips by Pringles catch your attention not just because of the name but also color and taste.Available in Thailand and a few other Asian countries, they are brightly green and taste more sweet than salty.


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