Valentine Day Cards Ideas

Valentine Day Cards Ideas

1 . Pull Their Heartstrings

An airplane chased by a lovey dovey contrail, a heart shaped lock with skeleton key, two little lovebirds sitting on a wire these garland style cards simply require ribbon, cord, or twine. Mixing patterned and solid color papers helps create contrast and adds visual interest.

2 . Accordion Envelope Card

This accordion card gives you an opportunity to celebrate your sweetheart s many virtues, call up special memories, and showcase tiny trinkets. Fill the envelopes with handwritten notes, assorted mementos, and little presents such as gift cards or movie tickets.

3 . Pop Up Cards

When you really care, you just have to get all up in their faces and these pop up cards pack a loving punch.

4 . Chalkboard Valentine Photo Card

A chalkboard valentine allows for countless changes of heart. Make the prop out of foam board covered with chalkboard self adhesive paper. Write a message for one love, take a picture, and then erase it and write another note. Mail or email the photos.

5 . Clip Art Cards

A crush can be more powerful than a locomotive. It can also be as sweet as a hand delivered note, or as cheerily optimistic as an upturned mailbox flag. These clip art illustrations require a few simple cuts and a couple of pieces of tape. The little envelope acts as a card within a card, containing a secret love note or special gift card.

6 . Folded Cards

What better way to communicate your love to your main squeeze than with an accordion fold card? A quick print, cut, and crease is all it takes to make a card with a trio of hearts, a big LOVE, or sweet old XOXOs.

7 . Abstract Rose Print

Stamping tools constructed from corrugated cardboard and a wine cork make beautiful flower motifs. To make the cards below, round the edges of colored paper with scissors or a corner punch, apply the markings, and attach to card stock with spray adhesive.

8 . Quilling Valentines

Classic valentine messages never go out of style. You can shape individual strips of paper, curling the ends as you would a ribbon, to form letters that resemble calligraphy. Use carefully placed dabs of craft glue to hold each letter in place on a card.

9 . Doily Envelopes

Paper doilies make delightful, lacy sleeves for hand delivered valentines. Fold different kinds of doilies to show off particular elements of their patterns a starry mandala, a ring of wheeling snowflakes, a fragile open heart. With the embossed side of the doily face up, fold in the sides, then fold up the bottom.

10 . Block Print Valentines

Dating back to ninth century China, block printing involves transferring an ink impression of a design carved in wood, linoleum, or other engravable medium to another surface. Once a design is chosen and then carved, it can be used to make an unlimited number of prints.

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