What Sagittarius Needs

Sagittarius ( Nov 22 – Dec 21 )
What Sagittarius Needs :

A true friend who can go toe-to-toe with the discerning Archer, while not making any serious demands spells pure bliss as a partner. These independent souls also prize a lover who understands and embraces the value of alone time. Mental stimulation can be as exciting as the sexual kind for Sagittarians, and if conversation is honest and open, things will continue to develop and grow. An equal in the bedroom is also a delicious reward. Foreigners, or anyone fairly exotic, are often an irresistible lure to the Archer.
The Sagittarius lover is a philosopher, wanderer and explorer who insists on living life to the fullest. The zest for adventure and quest for knowledge they possess will move many. Only independent folk need apply for this red-hot ride!


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