What Virgo Needs

Virgo ( Aug 23 – Sep 22 )
What Virgo Needs :

The striving achiever that is Virgo lusts for someone who can play in their league. Sports are often the perfect release for partners, since the Virgin adores the one who shares their love for good health and excellence. Those born under this sign want and need a strong and free lover who will draw them out and acquaint them with sexual pleasure. A partner who is secure, can take the initiative and can easily communicate sexual and romantic feelings will win Virgo’s heart. If Virgo can mate with someone who’d have sex at the beach as easily as in the bedroom, it could be a match made in heaven!
With Virgo, it’s all in the details and doing things right. The caring and romantic Virgin knows that the small things in life and love do matter. Couple that with an eagerness to serve, and Virgo’s lucky lover is in for a wonderful ride!


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