Xmas Lights

1 . Wall Tree With Felt Star

These ideas will have your whole house glowing for the holidays.
In a childs room or a hallway, a string light tree is as festive as an evergreen. Use adhesive hooks to hang mini lights adorned with felt star ornaments that twinkle.

2 . Outdoor Hanging Snowflake Ornaments

Hand twist rope lights, using our template as a guide to create glimmering oversize ornaments. Hang them from their cords (disguised with ribbon) at varying heights along a porch or under the eaves of the house.

3 . Winter Fence

Extend the season for garden edgers by stringing them with lights to accentuate their curves and then lining a walkway with them for a welcoming look.

4 . Winter Flowers

These flowers brighten the coldest of winter nights.

5 . Stars

Bring a bit of the heavens down to snowy earth with stars fashioned from ordinary garden stakes.

6 . Hanging Trees

These conical Christmas trees are crafted from tomato cages. Here, they are hung from the boughs of an oak and illuminate the agave, lending a touch of winter to an arid climate.

7 . Shooting Stars

To create a striking outdoor lighting display, string several of these shooting stars in your yard.

8 . Glowing Gift Boxes

Lit from within, these presents suggest magical snow sculptures.

9 . Snow Lanterns

These fire and ice decorations will actually make you long for snow.

10 . Outdoor Lighting Joy

Write a message in lights to share with all who pass by. Use our template for the word Joy, spell out another sentiment, or create your own shape, such as a star or a tree.


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